Monday, 1 October 2012

Time Management Skills

 Time management is one of those skills no one teaches you in school but you have to learn. It doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t organize information and plan yourself well enough to take it in. It does not matter how skilled you are if procrastination keeps you from getting your work done.
What is time management? It is the basic skill of organization, handling and being able to keep track of time. Time management ensures equal distribution to all the different fields in life. It is a vey important skill that remains with you through all phases of ones life.

In today’s workplace, you can differentiate yourself by your ability to handle information and manage your time. "Careers are made or broken by the soft skills that make you able to handle a very large workload."

With a world moving at the pace of light there are several techniques can be kept in mind while working through a hectic schedule.
1) Always make and agenda list to ensure you are working on task.
2)Avoid multitasking
3)Do the most important thing first
4)Always remain focused and set time goals
5)Ensure there is a balance in what you are doing

I hope these techniques help you through a smooth year.

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